Be aware of the order gatherer

Be aware of the order gatherer

Karinya Florist is encouraging those ordering flowers to order their flowers from a real ‘local’ florist shop and to be aware of the online Order Gatherers.

The rise of online Order Gatherers has meant that customers all around Australia place their order online to what they believe is the local florist, only to be tricked into ordering on fake shopfront websites.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great order gatherers who strive to ensure a quality product is delivered at the other end, ensuring sub-standard florists are excluded from their networks and taking a proactive approach in solving any issues.  They are also great for sending to areas that you have no idea about and don’t know whether a florist can deliver to a particular area or even overseas.  We do use order gatherers to provide this service to our customers.

But if you truly want to have the best value for money flowers, contact a local florist by phone.  Their personal effort and attention will ensure you understand exactly what is available, and what they can and can’t deliver.  They also are more often than not, able to provide a photo of your flower order so that you can feel a part of the personal selection.

We look forward to helping you with all future orders.